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Case Study

Simplifying development work at XING

This project in 2019 involved integrating a marketing automation platform into the existing XING app. One of the primary objectives was to ensure maximum extensibility, which required all teams to be able to write a React component and seamlessly integrate it into their respective applications.

The previous solution, developed using Ruby and JavaScript, seemed too difficult to extend. Whenever a team wanted to change something, this created additional work for the original solution’s development team. The new stack was designed to alleviate this issue, reduce the required development effort, and streamline the entire process.

In addition, integration improved targeting and made user analysis more accurate.

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The outcome: Increased speed and greater autonomy

Thanks to the newly written React component, all website teams can now create a concise React component for their respective pages, allowing them to autonomously distribute content to their target audiences in an automated fashion. This level of autonomy empowers teams to work faster and more efficiently without having to rely on external support. 

Additionally, connecting analytics tools has become more streamlined. Whereas the marketing automation platform and analysis tools used to be integrated separately, integration is now achieved via a single component.


XING is one of Germany’s leading career-oriented social networks, boasting over 15 million registered professionals who rely on to connect with one another, exchange ideas, and explore new job opportunities.

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