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Sustainable software developments for successful digitalization / a liveable future
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As a team of experts on modern web technologies, our ultimate goal is to develop exceptional products that will help ensure your company’s long-term success. We achieve this by employing sustainable architecture, building applications that are both fast and responsive, and guaranteeing the optimal performance and scalability of the software we develop.

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Web + Mobile Apps

At farbenmeer, our focus is on developing reliable and scalable web applications that are backed by our passion for technology. We specialize in crafting cutting-edge software solutions using the JavaScript ecosystem, always prioritizing the end-user experience (UX) and accessibility (A11Y). Our commitment to data security and resilience is unwavering, which is why we always implement typing and test automation to ensure a robust foundation for our applications.

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Websites + CMS

Creating a unique and captivating user experience can greatly enhance your brand’s identity. By integrating with a modern headless CMS, your website will not only become more adaptable and easy to maintain, but will also deliver optimal loading times, resulting in higher search engine rankings (SEO).

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APIs serve as the backbone of digitalization, connecting and facilitating communication between various applications, such as apps, bots, data, and cloud services. As such, the API concept must be tailored to individual requirements while adhering to standardized guidelines. This approach ensures precise functions, such as filter options, as well as streamlined expansion through the integration of standardized services, all while maintaining user-friendly apps.


Having a central data source is critical for the majority of applications, and there are several commonly used types of databases, including relational databases, document-based databases, key-value databases, and graph databases. Selecting an appropriate database solution is a crucial factor in ensuring long-term success, and it’s essential that the database chosen is reliable and secure, with failsafe measures in place to protect your data.

What we offer you
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Digital Concepts

Architecture, user experience, user interface, prototyping

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Software Development
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Bespoke projects require bespoke support. Our team of specialists have the expertise to ensure you receive tailored support meeting your needs.

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Digital agency

One-stop design, development and long-term operation of your digital products.

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Project Teams

Enhance your internal capabilities by leveraging our temporary team of experts.

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Interim roles

Temporary filling of internal roles such as CTO, developer, information architect, agile coach or scrum master.

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Coaching & Consulting

One-to-one coaching, long-term process support, workshops in teams or individually.

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