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Case Study

Devising and developing a mobile app for dynamic treatment pathways

In collaboration with Veta Health’s own technical experts, brand new concepts for the management of dynamic treatment pathways were visualized and successfully tested on end users.

farbenmeer’s internal specialists were able to quickly develop a web app based on the verified concepts within a few weeks. The app’s logical state machine allows for dynamic modification and the development of new treatment pathways in response to future research findings.

An outstanding user experience was achieved for patients by making the app easy and fun to navigate. 

Screenshot Veta Health application
Portrait of Nora Zetsche

The decision to use Aptible was initially proposed by farbenmeer, and the entire engineering team has been praising it ever since. This is just one of the many things we’re grateful for!

Nora Zetsche, Founder of Veta Health
Veta Health

Veta Health Co. is a New York-based startup. Its technology platform is used to improve support for patients outside of care settings by transforming the digital management of chronic diseases.

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Portrait of Roman

Roman Ernst, CEO, Software