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Trend research at bonprix

Initial situation and goals

The Digilab task force was set up internally by bonprix to analyse future e-commerce trends and then implement them. 

bonprix needed a partner with the young, dynamic approach to business of a startup for the collaborative design of future projects.

Working together

To align with the emphasis on cutting-edge technology, collaboration took place using recently developed methods. Teamwork was based on agile values such as trust, openness, and lean approaches. By following lean startup methodology, the team structure was liberated, empowering farbenmeer’s developers to fully leverage their skills to translate bonprix’s innovations into modern solutions. The agile approach also enabled bonprix to evaluate the results and findings in their intermediate steps, so that the solutions could be quickly adapted by farbenmeer’s developers. This created a universal, bidirectional flow of information and insights.


To evaluate the feasibility of these use cases for everyday usage in an online shop, a dedicated e-commerce platform is currently in development. It’s continuously being enhanced with new features and validated through iterative testing. The insights gleaned from the construction and operation of this e-commerce platform, alongside the integration of novel technologies, are shared with bonprix through advisory activities.

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farbenmeer has extensive experience in the technologies and methodologies that are essential for e-commerce development. Their approach is characterized by a certain Nordic pragmatism that makes collaboration enjoyable and productive.

Ferdi, Digital Product Manager bonprix GmbH

bonprix is an internationally successful fashion retailer serving over 35 million customers in 30 countries. A subsidiary of the Otto Group, bonprix was founded in Hamburg in 1986. It currently has around 4,000 employees worldwide.

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